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From the library of Celeb E Benedict

The Spiritual Warfare Victory Manual for Christians

The Spiritual Warfare Victory Manual for Christians

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Are you tired of demons and Satan breeding sadness, anger, or anxiety and preventing your soul from making spiritual progress?

Are you ready to access the invisible spiritual realm and find freedom from the battlefields you find yourself in?

It’s no surprise that we live in a world of distinct opponents and too often, Christians lose more battles than they win simply because they don’t recognize the enemy when they see it.

Even if you recognize the enemy, how should one respond?

Well, get ready to discover what every believer needs to know and understand about the darkness that’s controlling your life and the good news is… you can win all the battles that stand between you and God!

Inside these pages, you’re going to find strength as a spiritual warrior by learning:

  • Demons: What They Are and Where They Come From;
  • How to know if you’re under an attack. The signs of possession;
  • How the Devil Seeks to Influence Us;
  • Practical Steps Toward Victory on the Battlefront;
  • Understanding both External and Internal Solicitation Toward Evil and Negativity;
  • Different Approaches to Exorcism;
  • The Voices of God and Satan. Discerning Good and Bad Spirits;
  • Strengthening Yourself Against Spiritual Attack;
  • Ebbs and Flows of Consolation and Desolation;
  • The Action of Satan: Vexation, Possession, Obsession, and Infestation;
  • Decrees Against Demonic Operations;
  • Proven Methods for Consolation and Grace;
  • Arsenal of Scriptures, Spiritual Warfare Prayers, Deliverance Prayers, and Invocations;
  • Exactly How to Maintain Victory;
  • And So Much More!

If you’re ready to fight strategically, biblically, and effectively, then look no further and get ready for the journey you’ve been waiting for!

Caleb Benedict will show you exactly how to recognize the attacks you might be under, how to call upon God and his tribe on the battlefields, how to discern good from evil, and how to conquer in Christ!

Stop the demons now and with God, fight back for ultimate deliverance with this easy-to-use guide to take control of your life again!

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