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Free Magickal Witches Survival and Wellness Kit

Free Magickal Witches Survival and Wellness Kit

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Discover a treasure trove of resources, including elixirs for detoxification, aura cleansing techniques, spell jar recipes for protection, daily detox tips, and a master food shopping list for optimal wellness in this FREE download!

See what's included below and dive in to experience the transformative power of these magickal practices.

  • 10 Elixirs For Detoxification and Aura Cleansing
  • 12 Spell Jar Recipes For Protection
  • Guide For Talisman Preparation For Use Outside Home
  • 20 Daily Detox Tips To Keep Your Vessel Clear
  • Master Ingredient Shopping List

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What's Included in the Free Guide

Explore a treasure trove of resources.

  • 20 Elixir Recipes for Detoxification and Aura Cleansing

    Find 20 recipes using detoxing juices, essential for cleansing the body by flushing toxins, boosting the immune system and boosting metabolism.!

  • 12 Spell Jar Recipes for Protection

    Inexpensive and quick to learn and great for a variety of needs, Spell Jars are often put together with items you already have laying around the house.

  • Talisman Preparation for Use Outside Home

    A talisman (or amulet) is an object able to absorb negative energies directed at the owner and/or remove negative energies from the body of the owner.

  • 20 Daily Detox Tips to Keep Your Vessel Clear

    Daily detox practices aimed at improving health and wellness, including oil pulling, using a neti pot, tongue scraping, mineral salt baths, and 15 more!

  • Master Ingredient Shopping List

    This master ingredients shopping list features a curated selection of detoxing and healing foods, meticulously chosen to support body cleansing, boost immunity, and promote overall health.

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