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  • Glinda Porter

    Glinda Porter is the first witch that Magickal Witches have been working with. Glinda Porter is an African spiritualist who has been practicing intentional magick since 1995. She has been helping countless people in improving and enriching their lives with the same powerful practices that have given her a life of massive abundance and healing in all areas of life.

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  • Briella Clark

    Briella Clark is an empowering voice in the realm of personal growth and healing, dedicated to helping individuals break free from the chains of shame and trauma to embrace radical self-compassion and inner peace. As an engaging author she guides readers on a transformative journey toward liberation and self-discovery.

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  • Caleb E Benedict

    Caleb Benedict is a beacon of light in the realm of spiritual warfare and Christian empowerment, dedicated to helping believers overcome the forces of darkness and reclaim their spiritual authority. As the author of "The Spiritual Warfare Victory Manual for Christians," he equips readers with the tools and knowledge to dispel demonic interference and emerge victorious in their spiritual battles.

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  • Nevaeh Clark

    Nevaeh Clark is a seasoned spiritual practitioner and author dedicated to guiding individuals on their journey to connect with the afterlife and unlock their spiritual potential. With her profound insights and practical wisdom, she empowers readers to communicate with spirit guides, ancestors, angels, and departed loved ones, offering guidance, healing, and empowerment.

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