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From the library of Glinda Porter

Hexes and Curses Be Gone

Hexes and Curses Be Gone

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A Witch’s Guide to Destroy Witchcraft with Protection and Reversal Magick: (Banishing, Eradication, and Protection Spells for Beginners)

Feel like you’ve been under a generational curse or hex?

Do you feel like you constantly have bad luck no matter all the efforts to receive blessings?

Perhaps you feel a demonic, psychic, or some form of a witchcraft attack against you.

Yes, it’s very possible that a generational or recent curse or hex has been placed on you knowingly or unknowingly.

These negative and even detrimental energies all have the power to impose invisible barriers in someone’s life until they are broken and fully released.

Curses and hexes can negatively affect your health, business, and relationships in extreme ways — so it’s highly recommended to learn protection and reversal magick.

Even if you don’t feel under any unwanted attacks, you should still be equipped with knowledge, tools, and powerful spells to keep away negative energies, defend your belongings, cleanse and destroy anything that can harm you.

“Curses and Hexes Be Gone” has everything you need to bring you victory and authentic safety. It will help you understand exactly what is happening and provides the tools and strategies to banish negativity, eradicate bad luck for good, maintain victory and keep yourself protected.

Whether you’re dealing with a vicious person or relative, a subtle aggressor, any enemies or simply just wanting to know how you can stay safe and protected from harm, this book is for you.

This book reveals the most practical secrets of reversal, banishing, and protection magick. Inside you will discover:

  • What a hex, curse and spell all are;
  • Understanding generational hexes and curses;
  • Understanding negative soul ties, covenants, agreements and psychic attacks;
  • Exactly how to use banishing, eradication, protection and reversal magick;
  • Over 50 powerful spells for banishing, eradication, protection and to release favors;
  • How to know if you’re under a witchcraft attack;
  • A list of stones and objects to keep around;
  • Modern, traditional, and spiritual spells that are laid out in a simplistic way;
  • How to cleanse yourself from unwanted energies;
  • Identify AND stop evil hexes, curses, spells, and bad luck against you or a loved one;
  • How to release Favors AND maintain the positive change and victory;
  • Know how, when and why you would want to use reversal and protection magick;
  • How to know when your protection magick is working;
  • And so much more

There’s magickal healing and profound blessings that you deserve to have when you do the work to banish and eradicate the negativity and darkness that’s plaguing your life and to protect your space and energy at all cost.

With over 50 powerful spells for cleansing, protection, and to renounce and destroy all unholy ties, agreements, relationships and covenants that are working against your life and destiny…

This book will help you shield yourself from all kinds of psychic attacks, remove all supernatural dangers and bring you victory that you can maintain.

Glinda Porter who has been practicing this magick since 1995 and helping countless people protect themselves, their home, loved ones, money, and work. Her work is truly healing and magickal!

If you’re ready to banish bad energy, ward off unpleasant attacks, defend your belongings, your spirit, and your space…

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