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From the library of Glinda Porter

Beginners Witch Guide to Hoodoo & Folk Magick

Beginners Witch Guide to Hoodoo & Folk Magick

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Gain Mastery in Rootwork, Conjure, and Spells with Roots, Herbs, Candles & Oils to Rid Negativity and Manifest Anything You Desire

Revised and reformatted 01/2022

Looking for Powerful Hoodoo and Folk Magick that actually works?

Want a PRACTICAL and magickal guide to improve your love life, career, health, and overall happiness with a thorough understanding of Hoodoo magick?

Throughout the years, Hoodoo magick has influenced the spiritualists to manifest any desires.

It’s born from African spiritual traditions brought over by the slaves.

Today, Hoodoo’s purpose is to gain and maintain positive outcomes by strengthening the bond with the source of one’s power.


Even though Hoodoo was hidden by its practitioners for hundreds of years, you can now get started safely with information you won’t find anywhere else.

Safely practice Hoodoo to evoke Higher Beings & grant yourself a better life by using the power of the conjuror’s tools now...

Did you know that you can create a mojo bag with simple & basic ingredients to invoke wealth, find true love, bless the home, offer protection, improve your health and happiness, plus more?

"Beginners Witch Guide to Hoodoo & Folk Magick" covers everything you need to know and understand to get started with Hoodoo regardless of your experience.

You will find over 50 simple spells to draw money to you, bring luck & love into your life, protect yourself from evil, improve your health and more

Inside, we are demystifying Hoodoo for you to learn:

  • The history of Hoodoo
  • How to work with your ancestors using a simple altar
  • How to create and use specific types of working altars
  • All the Conjurors tools you want to use in Hoodoo
  • Simple instructions to make and use Mojo Bags so you can carry magick everywhere with you
  • How to use the different types of roots, oils, and waters
  • Candle Magick and using incense
  • Spells, Tricks & Rituals for love, money, business success, luck, justice, protection, banishment, cleansing, self love, inner healing, health and more
  • Unhexing, banishing and eradication work
  • Cleansing rituals and spirit washes
  • Why Graveyards and Crossroads are important and how to work with each safely
  • And SO much more...

Glinda Porter is an African spiritualist who has been practicing intentional magick since 1995. She has been helping countless people in improving and enriching their lives with the same powerful practices that have given her a life of massive abundance and healing in all areas of life.

Are you ready to create a magickal life by applying hoodoo magick with the best practical advice to achieve your desired dreams?

If you’re ready to create a life of magick then get ready to reap the blessings from this powerful and simple practice now!

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